This year, RaceTracker will be used for the 103km and 44km races. The device will be informing in real time about the position of the athlete but also about his hole race. The use of the device is obligatory so its deactivation will have as a result the invalidation of the athletes effort. The athlete is beeing charged for the device so if, for any reason, he will not return it back to the race organizers he will be charged 100 euros(value of the device). The device must be activated by the athlete twenty(20) minutes before the start of the race by pressing the small button at the top of the device. Then the three leds will start blinking until only the green led does. At the front of the devise there is the larger emergency button witch must be used ONLY in case of emergency. The use of thi button will send an SOS signal and the device will make possible the tracking of the exact position of the athlete for more than 35 hours. Thus maximum safety is beeing provited. With the use of Racemap Aplication and the number on the device it will be possible for anybody, to follow the athete during the hole race. The device will be delivered fully charged when the start number will be given and it has to be returned at the end of the race to the Race organizers. Participating at the race you automatically agree to the terms of the RaceTracker system.