Start: 08/05/2022 09:30
Start point: Messonghi Beach Hotel – Messonghi
Finish point: Messonghi Beach Hotel – Messonghi
Closing time: 08/05/2022 14:30
Food stations: 3

Race Booklet (PDF) Route (Plotaroute.com) ITRA

The course of the 20 km has 1200 m + elevation and starts from the village of Moraitika. It passes through the village and through a dirt road runs uphill until the village of Episkopiana at the 4th km with a water station. Running uphill on a dirt road the ahtletes can see the beautiful view. After passing the village the course continues on a traditional gravel trail for 2,5 km and reaches the village of Stroggily.
The athletes turn to the right and continue on a dirt road for about 1 km. The course becomes more technical and stony but has a beautiful view of the Mainland of Greece. At the 8th km the course runs downhill on a technical trail through dense vegetation of oak trees and Daphne.
At the right side the athletes find a wonderful cave and continue uphill on a technical trail through dense vegetation for the next 2,5 km.

Afterward reaching the top of the mountain the course becomes stony and needs more attention. The athletes then run downhill for 1 km and reach the central food station of Stavros at the 10th km.
Leaving Stavros they reach the village of Komianata that leads through a technical gravel trail to the Church of Pantokratora Stavrou and run downhill to the village of Stroggily with water supply. The course turns uphill to the left until the top of the hill for 500m on an asphalt road where they find at their right hand the trail that leads them to Episkopiana, then run downhill to reach the finish line in the village of Moraitika in the Akti Messoghi Hotel.