Registrations continue only electronically (online) and until May 15 without any extension.
The schedule of safe and legal conduct of our sporting event, in order to conduct our event safely for participants and organizers has been incorporated in our regulations, which are available at:
Our health protocol was based on the one with which the Corfu old town trail was carried out perfectly with the cooperation of our organizing committee and the local authorities and will be constantly updated.
PROTOCOL schedule:
1. Registration only online and until May 15 strictly without any extension
2. Completion of an electronic declaration form of the participants
by declaring that they don’t have a series of health conditions
3. mandatory self test 24 hours before the race
3. Individual starts or wave starts, depending on the number of entries but also the width of the starting area, as well as the width of the paths. The main concern of individual starts is to avoid overcrowding, the main cause of coronavirus transmission
4. Use timing chips for safer performance management due to the absence of mass start.
5. The number of entries should not exceed 50-70 per route (so that it can be managed and reduce the chances of cases.
6. Minimize contact of athletes with volunteers, before, during and after the end of the race, by extending the opening hours of the secretariats.
7. Use of precautionary measures by the volunteers, with the use of masks, gloves, avoidance of offer by volunteers belonging to the vulnerable groups of the population (elderly, chronically ill, etc.)
8. Keeping personal data of the competitors (phone, email), so that the contacts can be detected in case of an event
9. Avoid using public facilities (bathrooms, toilets)
10. Discouraging the socialization of events with the presence of spectators
11. Limiting the event only to its athletic dimension, without holding entertainment events in order to avoid unnecessary and dangerous overcrowding
12. Completing an electronic form competitively, one 48 hours after the race, in which each athlete will describe his general state of health and any symptoms covid-19