RAIN TRAIL 40 km 2200+
10 October 2017
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NIGHT-DAY TRAIL 104 km 4200+


The above price of 70 € is discounted and valid until 31/01/2018. The normal subscription price is 80 €.
A membership package is available with a technical t-shirt.
The course of the Night-Day Trail (104 km) starts from the port of Ipsos and finishes at the AKTI MESSONGHI HOTEL. For more information about the race, please click here.

Race Summary

Date: 2018-04-14
Start time: 19:00
Venue: Ipsos Corfu
Coordinates: 39.69852, 19.83874
Phone: 698 585 1501
Email: info@corfumountaintrail.com

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NIGHT-DAY TRAIL 104 χλμ 4200+

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